Born 1983.  Prince Edward Island, CANADA


2009.      BFA, Honours. University of Manitoba.  Winnipeg, MB


2010.      Individual Artist Grant, Winnipeg Arts Council.
2010.      Production Grant, Manitoba Arts Council.
2010.      Media Production Fund, Video Pool, Winnipeg MB.
2005.      Gissur Eliasson Memorial Scholarship.  University of Manitoba.  Winnipeg, MB.

Solo Exhibitions

2012.      Good Work. Aceartinc. Winnipeg, MB.
2009.      Man Made.  Gallery of Student Art. University of Manitoba.  Winnipeg, MB.

Group Exhibitions

2012.      Mennofolk Manitoba, A Long Way From Home, Exchange Community Church,
Winnipeg MB.
2011.      Winter Warmer. Members show, aceartinc. Winnipeg, MB.
2011.      Pamilya, Paul Robles and His friends. Semai Gallery. Winnipeg, MB
2009.      Thesis Show. Gallery 111. Winnipeg, MB.
2009.      Winter Warmer.  Aceart. Winnipeg, MB.
2009.      Mystery Meat.  Aceartinc. Winnpeg, MB.
2009.      Winter Warmer.  Aceartinc. Winnipeg, MB.
2009.      Instructors’ Show.  Winnipeg Art Gallery Studio.  Winnipeg, MB
2008.      Winter Warmer.  Aceartinc.  Winnipeg, MB.
2008.      More With Less, Mennofolk 2008.  Outworks Gallery.  Winnipeg, MB.
2007.      Come on Over.  The Woodstove Gallery (temporary space).  Winnipeg, MB.
2007.      Martyrs and Monsters, Mennofolk 2007.  A Label For Artists.  Winnipeg, MB.
2006.      Before-Xmas Exhibition.  Semai Gallery.  Winnipeg, MB.
2006.      Winter Warmer.  Aceartinc.  Winnipeg, MB.
2006.      Mennofolk 2006.  A Label For Artists.  Winnipeg, MB.
2005.      Mennofolk 2005.  A Label For Artists.  Winnipeg, MB.

Visiting Artist/Lectures

2012.      Aceartinc, in conjunction with solo exhibition Good Work. Winnipeg, MB.
2012.      Mennofolk Manitoba, A Long Way From Home.  Mennonite Heritage Centre.
Winnipeg MB.
2009.      General Byng School. Winnipeg, MB.


2012.      Crossen, Hannah. “Inside the Wall.” Aceartinc. Critical Distance, vol 17:5.
2012.      Gilmore, Alison. “Uniting the mundane, sacred worlds through the creative act.”
Winnipeg Free Press, June 23.
2012.      Passey, Kara. “Good Work” The Manitoban, vol 99 ½, issue 1, June 20.
2012.      Friesen, Nicholas. “Man at Work.” The Uniter, vol 66, number 27, May 30.
2012.      Bergen, Rachel. “Bathed in his art.” Canadian Mennonite.
2012.      Epp, Aaron. “Daily life and work inspires multi-faceted art show.” Christian
Weekly, July 6.
2011.      Hans My Lion. Flying fox and the Hunter Gatherers. (Album art).
2010.      To Speak. Michelle Elrick, The Muses Company, Winnipeg MB. (cover
2010. (Website illustration).
2009.      PaperWait. Aceartinc. Volumes 10 + 11. 2007-2009. p 85.
2008.      Geez. Issue 9, spring 2008: p 51(full page illustration).

Professional Development/Research

2010-13.      Instructor.  Winnipeg Art Gallery Studio Programs.  Winnipeg, MB.
2011.           Diane Whitehouse’s Retreat for Practicing Artists. Camp Wannakumbak,        Riding Mountain National Park, MB.
2008-11.      Mentor/Instructor.  Young Artist Program.  Winnipeg Art Gallery and Winnipeg                     Folk Festival.  Winnipeg, MB.
2010.           Set Designer/Builder.  The Wild Things by Flying Fox and the Hunter    Gatherers. Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Winnipeg MB.
2010.           Participating/donating artist.  Birds of a Feather. Border Crossings               Fundraising Gala.  Hotel Fort Gary.  Winnipeg, MB.
2009.          Man Made.  Installation in the Project Room, Aceart inc.  Winnipeg, MB.
2006-08.     Volunteer Curator. Mennofolk Manitoba.  Outworks Gallery.  Winnipeg, MB.
2007.          Research Assistant for Dr. Marilyn Baker. Fitzgerald in Context.  Exhibited by
Winnipeg Art Gallery, and Gallery 111, University of Manitoba.  Winnipeg, MB.
2006.          Participating/donating artist.  Beastly: Animals in Art, Border Crossings
Fundraising Gala.  Fort Gary Hotel.  Winnipeg, MB.

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