Seth Woodyard is an artist who works in a variety of media including painting, drawing, installation, performance, and video.  He lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, making art and restoring ornamental plaster. Though his work is interdisciplinary, he consistently explores thoughts on home, work, sexuality, and spirituality.

“I am interested in exploring the significance of historical, mythological, and domestic stories and rituals. Stories and rituals help us understand who we are, where we come from and why we do what we do. I see a connection between the artist and the home maker, as they are both storytellers and the architects of memory.”

Artist Statement:

Looking at art, reading books, and participating in religious ritual serve a similar function for me.  They connect me over time and space with people and place, grounding me in what has come before so that I might have a greater understanding of who and where I am now,  who I might be, and where I might be going.  The stories I learn from looking at art, reading books, and participating in ritual broaden my understanding of the world, allowing me to place my story within a greater story.

I like to think that I make icons to a playful transcendence, something that is both tangible and incorporeal, sacred and profane, real and imaginary.  I’m drawn to the mystery in life, and want to highlight that mystery.  I try to make work that invites you to pause and wonder, that, with a chuckle, draws attention to and participates in a playful mystery.


If you would like to contact Seth for more information,  inquire about commissioned work, or would like to schedule a studio visit, he can be reached at:

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